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Posted on 2009-08-30

Apps Post As I am just now sitting down to write this, a week after Gnomedex I have come to realize just about everything can crash in this world. So last week we where sitting at the conference playing with microsofts new big shiny toy, the Surface (side note, this is a really neat thing and is fun to use.) we got to meet a lot of people and all toss our cards on it. Nearing the ending of the conference most people where playing games on it and looking up places on the maps. Then as we are closing down, they are shutting down the machines. We had a total of 3 of them at 12,500 each. Expensive coffee tables. Now comes the good part. As they get to the third machine and start the shut down process the familiar site that just about all windows machines do at least once it blue screens wow what a site! As the microsoft people dive for the cable and Phil tackles him, people scramble to take a picture of the sight. Luckly we walked away with one of the few photos of this and are now saying not even microsoft are immune from their won software. By the way, all of the surface machines run on vista 32 bit as "Windows 7 is not released to the public yet" is what I was told. Thanks for letting us have fun on the machines and letting us get close enough to take a picture of this ultimate failure of windows.
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